Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our blog

The world is so big that we want to drop down everything and explore it. This is the travel blog, recording our journey from Taiwan to the world.

  Taiwan, where we come from, is a beautiful island which was called “FORMOSA” by Portuguese in around 17 centuries. Taiwan is surrounding by the sea and containing mountains, beaches, hot-springs, tasty food, diverse fruit, nice people and old history. Because our trip will start in August 2018, we will post some articles about how to travel around Taiwan before we start.

  It’s very important to have a platform for backpackers to exchange information. And this blog wants to share all the information we know with you. There’re tens of thousands of ways to travel around, and we decide to choose the freest and easiest way. Yeah, we just want to wander while we are young with our backpack. In “CONTACT US”, there is more information about us. Please feel free to contact us anytime, we’re expecting to hear from you!!

  The first sentence of JE WEI YA’s Backpack Talk, “What makes our trip extraordinary, it’s you.”

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