The heartwarming Guest House in Hualien– Sunrise B&B

The heartwarming Guest House in Hualien– Sunrise B&B

2018.07.08  08:00 We were standing on the rooftop of Sunrise B&B. As we expected, the weather was so perfect that we could see three different shades of blue in the ocean. There were most likely more than just these three colors, but we didn’t mind the view we had. I feel lucky we were able to start our day with this amazing view. Such a beautiful morning!!

In our opinion, Hualien is effortlessly beautiful. No filters are needed to improve its beauty. Because of this, the pictures we present in this article are all filter-free. 

We have spent a fair bit of time in Hualien, but had yet to spend a night at Qixing Tang. This is because, for one, it is a bit far from the Hualien Train Station. It is also a farther away from the bulk of restaurants and stores, a more remote area. However, after deciding we wanted a break from the commotion of the city, we opted for a night in Qixing Tang. We believe this was our best choice.

Sunrise B&B is located beside Qixing Tang Beach. When you arrive, you can hear the ocean waves beat against the shore and the rocks. This building provides a parking lot, no matter what kind of transportation you choose. It is always welcoming to everyone.

In the morning, we went kayaking on the river. After a quick break and lunch, it was already 4pm by the time we finally checked into the hotel. I still remember the pain of the sunburn from a long day outdoors, causing us to approach the building like zombies.

As soon as we entered the gate, we could feel the air-con and hear the friendly welcome from the owner of the guesthouse. Furthermore, there were lots of desserts local to Hualien and soft drinks in the fridge that we could help ourselves to whenever we wanted.

We realized that we’d arrived in paradise.

The owner of the guesthouse could see that we desperately needed to rest so she checked us in and took us on a tour of the space. She was very clear, yet efficient, and we thought this was very thoughtful of her.

Our room was on the 3rd floor and was called a “sunrise room”. As soon as the elevator opened on our floor we saw two well-known landscape paintings of Hualien, one of the seaside and another of the paddy field.

When we went into the room, the ocean view was so stunning!!! Beyond the enjoyable view, the wooden floors, the soft lighting and the bouncy spring bed make it a really comfortable space for you to enjoy your stay. They truly made the room very comfortable and warm.

And we did enjoy our stay, down to the detail. The room provided coffee, tea bags and all the essentials that travelers usually need. Everything matched perfectly in the space, and even the decorations made us feel easeful. After introducing the room, the housekeeper of the guesthouse reminded us that after taking the break to not forget to go downstairs and enjoy the afternoon tea they offered.

Bathroom is always a key feature of a guesthouse, and I was really satisfied with this bathroom. Not only was there a wide sink, but also the showerhead was strong and the water was hot.

What surprised me most were the “Esencia de té” shampoo and shower gel because of the quality of the brand. I usually bring my own toiletries when I go on trips, but I knew this time I didn’t have to worry about it.

The bathtub grabbed our attention, too. There is a transparent window visible from the bath, which allows you to take in the ocean view, or just space out. You can also listen to light music or watch TV while bathing. It gives couples a romantic place to unwind, and of course, if you feel embarrassed, the bathroom has a curtain as well. 

Even though it was just a shower, we felt like we had a whole new life! We couldn’t wait to go down for our afternoon tea!

We really liked the bar counter in the lobby because there was always somebody there to greet us. All of the workers were so friendly and passionate about Hualien. They were all willing to give guests advice about their trip in Hualien. 

The friendliness and readiness to help is why we prefer to stay in guesthouses or hostels rather than a hotel. In these kinds of accommodations we are more likely to meet local people and have a connection with the culture and nature when visiting a new place. However, there are so many guesthouses in Hualien that are solely focused on making money that you don’t feel the soul or the human warmth there. Therefore, we were appreciative that we found this amazing guesthouse with hospitality as its focus. 

The afternoon tea was beautiful, as well was the watermelon juice with mango, grapes, apples and pluots. All of them were fresh and sweet. They also gave us cake from “Hong-yu” to try, which is my favorite bakery in Hualien.

The main reason why we chose this guesthouse is its viewpoint of the sunrise. I still remember when we lived in the city area of Hualien, if we wanted to see the sunrise, we had to wake up at 4am and ride our scooter for about 15 minutes to Qixing Tang Beach.

In order to see the sunrise here, however, all we needed to do was wake up to the alarm, grab our jackets, and walk out onto the balcony.

Every time we saw the sunrise, we both felt satisfied. Even though dawn is always silent, as the time goes by, you can watch as the scenery changes. First, the sky becomes pink, and then the cloud becomes inlaid golden by the sunshine. After that, the sun shoots the light beam into the ocean and everything turns a bright blue.

We’ve never enjoyed a sunrise quite like this one. I was holding hot coffee in my hands, leaning on the person I love and we were talking about something fantastic in the future.

The sunrise was so inspiring that we didn’t want to go back to sleep. Instead we went back to the room, picked up our luggage and decided to go to the rooftop to see the sea-view.  

Its no wonder the owner said that they have the best location in Qixing Tang Beach. The ocean was so blue and clear that you could see the boundless sea and sky, accompanied with the mountain ridgeline on the left hand side, another attractive sight.

The breakfast surprised us again. Even though it was just simple congee, they all looked and smelled really great. The vegetables were from the local farm and were fresh and sweet. They even provided seafood that morning. Je-wei loved the “fruit-corn” but I preferred the fermented bean curd.

We ate the congee one bowl after another. As we were finishing our breakfast, full bellies and happy hearts, we could hear the owner preparing more dishes and yelling behind him,” Don’t forget to have some fresh fruit before you leave!!”

This guesthouse is just like the name, “Sunrise B&B”, because you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sea-view overlooking the Qixing Tang Beach.

However, what impressed us the most was not just the amazing view, but also the warm hospitality of the owner. They were always friendly to everyone and took care of every detail during our stay. There is no need to worry about anything here; just relax, space out and immersed yourself in nature. You can share the happiness with many friends, or with just one other. If we had had more vacation time, we would have definitely stayed longer. 

Next time you feel stressed by the hustle and bustle of a big city, don’t forget to come and let the sunrise refresh you.

Information of the Guest House:

The Seven Star Lake Sunrise B&B  

No.31-1,Qixing St., Xincheng Township, Hualien County 971, Taiwan (R.O.C)


PS. My dear friend, Avery, thank you for helping me revise this article. LOVE U!!!!

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